If you want to volunteer to work with out team, the first step is to call us on 07704 586030
or email us: haworthfoodbank@gmail.com to find out if we have
any vacancies at the moment.
If we are currently recruiting volunteers then your next step is to download a "Volunteer Application Form"  HERE  (or you can call in
to see us on a Tuesday afternoon between 1.00 and 3.00 p.m.) - then fill in the form and send it to us, or drop it off.

Once we've checked your references we'll get back to you about starting. We'll need to carry out a DBS check because
you may be in contact with vulnerable persons - there is no cost to you for this.

What will I be doing as a volunteer?

There's a team leader at each session of the food bank who will show you what needs to be done. The duties include:

Accepting and recording donations
Unpacking and date-marking all donations (we don't give out food past it best before date)
Replenishing the store cupboards with stock
Packing food bags for clients according to their needs
Delivering food bags to clients (if you have specifically volunteered for this)

The team leader will usually handle enquiries from new clients, handle 'phone enquiries and organise deliveries.