About us

The Worth Valley Foodbank began operating in February 2020 under the umbrella of the West Lane Baptist Church.
The aim of our organisation is to provide short-term relief and prevention of food poverty within the villages of

Haworth, Oxenhope, Stanbury, Oldfield, Cross Roads and Oakworth. Whilst taking other measures to combat poverty as appropriate.

The area we cover is the Worth Valley Electoral Ward. You can see a map of the area we cover

We originally provided a twice weekly service on Tuesdays and Fridays - one hour each session,
providing both a walk-up facility and home delivery service.

Emergency Food Parcel service

The Foodbank now operates on Tuesdays from 1pm to 3pm, providing both deliveries and walk up services.

Holiday Food Vouchers For Local Primary School Children

We also provide Aldi food vouchers, funded by our donors, for the families of local Primary school children on free school meals. These have been given out by staff at the schools every half term and every school holiday for the past three years. We estimate that our donors have funded vouchers to the tune of between £10,000 and £12,000 during this time.

Local families say that it's made a huge difference to their ability to feed their children during the school holidays.

Thank you to all our generous donors for enabling this vital work to continue.

West Lane Baptist Church
We're based at the West Lane Baptist Church
The Food Bank entrance is on the left of the church next to the Church and Community Office

Service offered

As well as providing basic non-perishable food provisions, users can choose additional items such as toiletries,
cleaning products, washing powder, specialist foods, spices, and condiments.

Food sample

In emergencies, ie. out of normal opening hours, we also have the capacity to provide shopping vouchers,
mainly from Aldi but occasionally from Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.

We also have recently added a face to face facility provided by the DWP, where service users can talk to advisors in
confidence, discussing any additional needs they may have.

Food donation points

We have several food donations points throughout the villages including: -
The Spar – Haworth
The Co-ops in Oakworth, Oxenhope and Haworth
The Haworth Medical Practice
West Lane Baptist Church
St James Cross Roads

Collection Bucket

Collection Bucket

Look out for the pink collection bucket at your nearest donation point

Key Achievements

We would like to highlight some of our achievements over the past 12 months:
Weekly contact and support given to vulnerable individuals and families within our community
Many out of hours deliveries to vulnerable people.
Positive Links with other organisations including local primary schools
Positive links with local supermarkets - Spar Haworth, Co-Ops in
Oakworth, Oxenhope and Haworth and Morrisons in Keighley
Maintaining a 7 day per week telephone service
Maintaining a constant social media presence on Facebook with regular
news and updates, thanks to Jenny Whitehead
Maintaining a weekly pickup service from our donation collection points
at the Spar and Co-ops in Oakworth, Oxenhope and Haworth .
Distributing extra goodies at both Easter and Christmas.
Providing food vouchers to all children of primary school age in receipt
of free school meals, every half term and every school holiday for the past three years.

Despite having to deal with the aftermath of the Covid pandemic we have still
been able to achieve a great deal over the past 12 months. We have given out
over 500 bags of food to about 50 adults and about 30 children.